Impact of the Mandrake-Conectiva Acquisition: Comparing Mandrake, Novell, and Red Hat Financials

Monday, March 07 2005 @ 10:55 AM CST

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MozillaQuest's Mike Angelo compares how Mandrake-Conectiva, Novell , Red Hat , and SUSE Linux stack up against each other on several fundamental fiscal measures. MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: Mandrake's acquisition of Conectiva strengthens Mandrake's position among the top-tier Linux distribution providers. But, just what impact will the Conectiva acquisition have on the Linux landscape?

Mandrakesoft's CEO, François Bancilhon, sees Mandrake-Conectiva in the top tier of Linux distribution providers. And he sees Mandrake-Conectiva as a key player in the Linux community. Moreover, he sees the Conectiva acquisition as something that will increase Mandrakesoft's slice of the top-tier pie.

Mandrake-Conectiva is smaller on the money measures than are Novell-SUSE and Red Hat. However, Mandrakesoft Linux is a very good GNU-Linux distribution and is very popular . . . How do they compare in revenue, market value, price-earnings ratio, number of employees, productivity, and other financial measures? What is the user-base for their Linux distributions?

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