Rebuilding of nefarious: Bleeding edge or not?

Thursday, December 27 2007 @ 04:59 AM CST

Contributed by: Linegod

After a few years of getting by, I've finally decided to update my home system 'nefarious'. The original article received a couple of hits, so I thought I'd do another. Times have changed quite a bit in 4 years, and it was a lot simpler than the previous build. There where no major hurtles to overcome, as the majority of hardware that one would want to select is now supported by Linux, so it was more a matter of preference than a matter of necessity.

The last time I documented the building of a system, it was fairly cutting (dare I say bleeding) edge. Four years ago, a x86-64 system was fairly new, and only a few Linux distributions could really say they supported it. Now, all consumer OS's 'say' they support x86-64, and almost all major Linux distributions have a 64-bit distro. The quandary I ran into was finding something that was - after 4 years - worthy of writing about. I considered going quad-core, but ruled it out after finding no NVIDIA based 'natural' quad motherboards (BIOS upgrades, being mainly Windows based, tend to be troublesome still).

After spending a large amount of time researching parts, I came to the decision that no-one was _really_ using 64-bit anyway, so I though a x86-64 dual-core, being used as x86-64, would still be cutting edge, if not bleeding edge.

This time I did throw in a couple things that might be 'gotchas' - onboard sound and onboard wireless AP, as well as LiteScribe DVD burner - just to keep things interesting, but the overall experience has been fairly straight-forward.

I'm going to be upgrading my server so that I can upload all of the pictures that I've taken, so within the next couple of days another 3 part article, similar to the previous one, should be posted.

Once again, the system will be loaded with Mandriva x86-64, since when push comes to shove, it just works.

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