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KDE Users Database  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, June 08 2004 @ 09:25 AM CST
Contributed by: Linegod


A few days ago, we've opened a new section on our Polish K Desktop Environment website called "KDE Users Database". This is not only for Polish users, it's international. After some time it'll be good rate of KDE(users number all over the world. Every registered user can save generated certificates and put them on his desktop or website. So, let's register! Please note, that this is not an official KDE users counter - but, maybe in future - it might change.

Read the full thing here

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New NVIDIA Linux nForce Drivers: IA32-1.0-0274 and AMD64-1.0-0275  View Printable Version 
Monday, June 07 2004 @ 05:16 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod

HardwareFrom Linux Games:

Thanks to an unnamed reader for submitting the news that NVIDIA has silently released new IA32 and AMD64 versions of their non-Free nForce chipset driver for Linux.

We have reproduced the changelog entries below, for your convenience:

  • Fixed performance problem in network driver that was causing stuttering in audio playback
  • Added support for nForce3 platforms
  • Added audio control panel application
  • Added 6 channel output, audio input selection, speaker selection, per channel volBme control, and analog / digital enable to audio driver.
  • Added GART patch for kernel 2.4.21
  • AMD64 only: Added support for x86-64 architecture
  • AMD64 only: Added binary RPMs for SuSE Enterprise Server 8 x86-64

Read the full thing at Linux Games

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The Linux (Multiple) Virtual Desktops Unleashed - Part 2: Tutorial  View Printable Version 
Monday, June 07 2004 @ 10:48 AM CST
Contributed by: Anonymous


Learn how to configure and how to use the Linux Virtual Desktops in Part 2 of MozillaQuest Magazine's ( interesting and informative tour of the Linux Virtual Desktops: The Linux multiple-desktops feature, more correctly the Linux Virtual-Desktops feature, is tremendously useful and handy. In Part 1 . . . the . . . Overview, we introduced you to the Linux Virtual Desktops. There, we noted that having virtual desktops is much like having up to sixteen different computers in one. You can open one or more programs in each virtual desktop.

Today in Part 2, this Linux Virtual Desktops Tutorial, we will add more virtual desktops to the configuration and Xpen more than the thirteen windowpanes opened in the Part I Overview. We also will organize the arrangement of applications across the virtual desktops by tasks.

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Bull Offers Services in the Netherlands on the KDE desktop  View Printable Version 
Saturday, June 05 2004 @ 07:57 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod


This week Bull Netherlands announced on their website that they will offer services on the KDE desktop. A large and public company providing KDE support is something many KDE users (and, more importantly, potential users) will be very interested in. The Dutch KDE Team has translated the original announcement to English.

Read the full thing here

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Open source: Prepare for attack  View Printable Version 
Thursday, June 03 2004 @ 08:20 AM CST
Contributed by: Linegod

Open SourceFrom ZDNet:

Do you need open-source legal protection any more than you need meteor insurance? Don't dismiss the idea.

Most legal observers discount the legal claims by SCO as illegitimate. But there are bigger challenges to contemplate than those from SCO. In fact, users face a convergence of issues that may ultimately lead to other claims being brought against Linux and open-source software.

Read the full thing here.

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After SCO, the litigation deluge?  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, June 02 2004 @ 09:24 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod

Open SourceFrom Open:

The interesting thing about using information technology--as if you have not noticed by now--is that nothing is as it seems. The pace of change obviates glib assumptions, and only the wise IT planners actually survive.

Nothing is what it seems in the long-running SCO furor over Linux infringements. While some may regard the SCO affair as a tempest in a teapot, license-compliance audits are taking center-stage. Any murky cloud surrounding Open Source license compliance could be the litigator's next silver lining. Daniel Eggers, founder of Open Source Risk Management LLC, is selling defense and legal infrastructure to those who stand vulnerable to plaintiffs and their lawyers, beyond SCO.

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Euroland initiates research coverage of Mandrakesoft  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, June 01 2004 @ 02:36 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod

Mandrake LinuxEuroland has initiated research cogerage of Mandrakesoft. The research report, entitled "Mandrakesoft: the rising star of the Linux Market" can be found here

The five page report analyses the financial aspects and growth prospects for Mandrakesoft. They conclude that "This stock is one of the few Linux growth plays".

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Mandrakemove 2 first snapshot available!  View Printable Version 
Sunday, May 30 2004 @ 11:04 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod

Mandrake LinuxFrom MandrakeClub:

Yep, keeping the stress level up, we are now quite proud to announce the first snapshot of the new Mandrakemove.

Of course this new version benefits from all improvments and up to date applications, namely kernel 2.6, KDE 3.2, new Mandrakelinux Control Center, and all the up to date versions of the packages previously present into the Mandrakemove 1.

A torrent is available. On mirrors, have a look into Mandrakelinux/devel/iso/move/i586 subdirs into the Mandraklinux section.

Moreoner, club members will benefit from a snapshot including the USB key support, anyone with a Mandrakemove 1 is welcomed to test that everything is still going well with this new version. Look into the Download page to find the new torrent.

Bug report will preferably go to the cooker-mandrakemove mailing list, or to the Mandrakemove product of Bugzilla.

Jump to the article here

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Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Linux now available  View Printable Version 
Friday, May 28 2004 @ 07:08 AM CST
Contributed by: Linegod

LinuxMacromedia (Nasdaq: MACR) today announced the immediate availability of Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Linux. This new version of Macromedia Flash Player, the leading rich Internet client, offers improved performance and security and powerful new development capabilities. Macromedia Flash Player is bundled with Linux operating systems distributed by Novell, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, and Turbolinux . For more information on Flash Player 7, or to download it, visit

Full press release is here

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Ontario's school system gives StarOffice a shot  View Printable Version 
Thursday, May 27 2004 @ 03:49 PM CST
Contributed by: Linegod

Open SourceThe province of Ontario Thursday said it has reached an agreement with Sun Microsystems of Canada to provide more than two million students with access to the company's StarOffice desktop productivity suite.

Sun Canada is calling it the largest ever StarOffice 7 shipment in North America. The software has been delivered to each of Ontario's 72 public and Catholic school boards and may be freely copied for school use. Financial details of the arrangement were not disclosed, but Sun Canada's director for education and research Lynne Zucker said that the fee was minimal.

Read the full thing here

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