Warped Systems was founded in 1998 by J.P. Pasnak.  At that time the primary focus was OS/2 applications and installation support.  

      At the beginning of 1999, supporting OS/2 installations became more difficult, as IBMs focus shifted completely away from the desktop market.  Warped Systems widened its market to include BeOS and FreeBSD installations, eventually including Linux.
      On January 1st, 2000, Warped Systems made available various commercial and GPL'd distributions of Linux and *BSD, commercial games and began providing workstations/servers preloaded with Mandrakelinux, web design, web-based application design/support and contracted server support.     

     Currently, Warped Systems primary focus is Linux consulting, with a strong leaning towards Mageia Linux server implementation and support. As always, we are dedicated to expanding the use and understanding of Open Source Software while remaining dedicated to providing Canadians with an alternate choice in operating systems.

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General Inquiries pasnak@warpedsystems.sk.ca
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Web Design webmaster@warpedsystems.sk.ca

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