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(Taxes are included in all prices quoted)

Basic Services

Computer Repair$35/hr
Data Backup
(does not include cost of media)
Harddrive Install$25
Harddrive Install
+transfer of old data
Network Card Install$25
Motherboard Upgrade$60
Misc Upgrades$25
System Tune Up/Clean Up$40
Software Install$30/hr
Operating System Install$45
Operating System Upgrade$55
CD Copying (includes media)$10 ea
Convert Media, Graphics or Files$25/hr
On-site Service Calls$60/hr

Server Configuration
(Linux-based systems only)

Apache Configuration$300
Postfix (Mail) Configuration$300
FTP Configuration$150
All three (Apache, Postfix. FTP)$500
LAMP (Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL)$600
DNS Configuration$300
DNS Registration
(includes 1 yr registration, zone creation
and hosting on primary and secondary DNS servers)
(Warped Systems managed servers)
(Warped Systems non-managed servers)
Software Install$30/hr


( Prices include RPM installation - Mandriva/Mageia Linux preferred )
Samba Configuration$400
CUPS Configuration$200
Firewall Configuration$250
Small Business Network
(Includes Firewall System,
Internet Sharing - Cable or DSL,
16 port Hub and onsite setup)


Warped Systems