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phpSystem is a php script designed to give the user information about their system in an easy to read format, from any internet connected computer, such as kernel, uptime, memory and swap and partition space.


PHP 4.0.3 or greater (tested with PHP 5.0.4 also)


1. Untar phpSystem-0.x.tar.gz under your web directory
2. Add/Remove any services you want monitored in config.php
3. Ensure your browser will accept index.php as an index file
4. Point your browser at

Working examples of phpSystem can be seen by clicking the links below:


phpSystem v0.9 05/09/05
- Change link
- Add another style
- verify working with PHP 5.0x
phpSystem v0.8 14/06/02

- Service names moved to lang_xx.php
- Use of "df -h" instead of "df" for a human readable report.
- Inclusion of a translation system : the translation file names are like "lang_en.php", "lang_fr.php". They can be configured in the "config.php" file.
- Independant "pieces" for display (big modifications in "output.php").
- Generation of HTML 4.01 (verified in W3C HTML validator : OK, except for the link at the end of the page "index.php").
- Use of CSS for the presentation.
- Added a new grey picture "img11.png" for the occupation of the FS.
phpSystem v0.7 18/01/02

- added ability to customize service names
- fix 'swap disabled div by zero' error (Thanks to Joacher)
- removed 'TIME_WAIT' and 'CLOSE_WAIT' from connections
- removed PostNuke module - working on new permission system
- new 'TODO' list

phpSystem v0.6 16 Nov 01

- major code cleanup
- fixed link
- added PostNuke admin module

phpSystem v0.5 05 Jun 01

- shows who's logged in (thanks to Jeff Hover)
- small code and display cleanups
- new 'TODO' list

phpSystem v0.4 27 Mar 01

- Shows active connections
- >10 mounted filesystems fixed (thanks to Jean Segers)
- IP address now displayed

phpSystem v0.3 23 Mar 01

- graphics changed (inspired by PHP-Nuke)
- changed to .php
- changed ? to ?php
- updated link

phpSystem v0.2 28 Sept 00

- graphics changed
- Output format changed
- Link changed

phpSystem v0.1 27 Jul 00

First release

  • show resources used for each connection
  • show info for specific directories
  • create custom PostNuke icon (currently uses referer.gif)
  • make phpSystem work with new PostNuke permissions
  • show FTP users (proftpd done, not included yet)

Warped Systems